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Fun Facts About Barracuda (us and the fish)

Barracuda fish
Barracuda fish

Why a barracuda you might ask? Well, it’s a nickname give to Gina by one of her clients who has become a friend. He lovingly told her at the end of the project that she was a barracuda because she went after it and got it done. He stated that it wouldn’t have happened without her organizing and managing the project to drive it forward to the finish line with kindness and professionalism. And there are more similarities:

  • Barracuda are fast. They can reach speeds of 56 miles per hour in seconds. We accelerate your program that fast.
  • They are curious not viscious. We are inquisitive, too!
  • There are more than 20 species of barracuda. We honor diversity and respect everyone.
  • The word “barracuda” is derived from the Spanish word “barraco” which means “overlapping tooth,” and they have the nickname “tigers of the sea.” Yes, we eat the competition.
  • A group of barracuda is called a “battery.” We love partnering and collaborating.
  • Most barracuda are grey, green, white or blue, and that’s how we got our brand colors.
  • The largest barracuda can grow to 10-feet long and weight more than 100 pounds. Ahem. Yes, we could stand to lose a few pounds.
  • They are attracted to shiny objects because their prey are usually of a shiny grey color. We do love finding treasures at thrift stores and turning your marketing program into gold.

Come swim with us and find out just how vast the ocean of leads can be.