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How manufacturing process improvement strategies apply to marketing

Lean Six Sigma DMAIC for marketing
Lean Six Sigma DMAIC for marketing

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that aims to improve processes, eliminate waste, and increase efficiency by using statistical analysis and continuous improvement techniques. Its principles can also be applied to marketing for manufacturers.

Here are 5 ways Lean Six Sigma is used to understand and optimize marketing for manufacturers:

1. Define the problem and set goals: In Lean Six Sigma, the first step is to define the problem and set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals.

In marketing, we identify the target audience, define the unique selling points, and set goals for lead generation and customer acquisition.

2. Measure and analyze the current process: Lean Six Sigma involves measuring and analyzing the current process to identify areas for improvement.

In marketing, we track the customer journey, analyze website traffic, and measure the effectiveness of different marketing channels.

3. Identify and eliminate waste: Lean Six Sigma focuses on eliminating waste in the process to improve efficiency.

In marketing, we eliminate activities that are not generating leads, optimize the marketing funnel to improve conversion rates, and reduce the cost per acquisition.

4. Improve the process: Lean Six Sigma involves using statistical analysis and creative problem-solving techniques to improve the process.

In marketing, this means  A/B testing different marketing messages and channels, optimizing the website design and user experience, and developing new marketing strategies to reach the target audience.

5. Control the process: Lean Six Sigma emphasizes the importance of monitoring and controlling the process to ensure sustained improvement.

In marketing, this means tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, email and social analytics, lead generation, and customer acquisition, and using data-driven insights to continuously improve the marketing strategy.

By applying Lean Six Sigma principles to marketing, manufacturers reduce waste, increase efficiency, and optimize their marketing efforts to generate quality leads and acquire customers.

As a Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing-Minded Marketer, Gina Tabasso brings a unique perspective to marketing for manufacturers by leveraging her 30+ years of in-house experience and Six Sigma certification to provide realistic and proven marketing strategies that drive results.